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5 Steps…

Social Security uses 5 steps to determine if you are disabled.  Learn if you qualify for Social Security disability today. 

Appeals Levels

Social Security has 4 levels of appeals.  It is important to hire legal representation to navigate you through the legal system of appeals.

How We Help You

Alexandria VA Social Security Disability Advocates

Get The Help You Need. The Benefits You've Earned.

Baltimore Social Security Disability Benefits Attorneys

If you're applying for disability benefits, you're probably struggling with many different aspects of your life. We understand how that feels. We're here to ease the burden.

Unlike other firms, Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates will collect and organize key documentation such as medical records, employer records, and personal testimony. Because doctors don't always know what constitutes a disability under Social Security's unique definition, we take care to ask the questions that matter to the Social Security Administration. Your documentation plays a critical role in your case, and we're experts at obtaining it.

We follow up on all cases, regularly checking the status of each claim to make sure it's proceeding correctly. We will keep up with your case even after you've received a favorable decision, to make sure you receive payment and that all your needs are met. If there's a problem at any point in the process, Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates corrects it.

Finally, we do our best to spare you the expense and physical strain of travel. Most interviews can be conducted by phone.

What does it cost to hire Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates?

If you don't win benefits, there are no attorney fees. You pay only expenses such as the cost of obtaining copies of your medical records. If you do win, the most it could cost is 25 percent of your awarded past due benefits.

If you need to apply...

Applying for disability benefits is a complicated process, and most people are denied the first time. We can walk you through the application to help you avoid errors that may not be correctable later on. The earlier you get us involved in your case, the better.


If your claim has been denied by Social Security...

It's not necessarily over. Social Security is a bureaucracy, and your application may have been denied for the wrong reasons. You can appeal their decision, but the Social Security Administration has a strict time limit of 60 days for filing appeals. It's important to pursue any possible appeal promptly. We know the process and the pitfalls. We'll help you prepare for your appeal and we'll help you win. Contact our office immediately and we'll get started.


If you have a hearing scheduled...

If Social Security has notified you of a hearing, it's extremely important that you and the evidence be thoroughly prepared beforehand. We strongly encourage you to get legal help at this point. Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates can analyze your Social Security file, prepare your case, obtain important evidence, help you prepare your testimony, make helpful legal arguments, question witnesses, and cross-examine any medical or vocational experts who testify at your hearing.


If all your appeals have been denied...

If all your Social Security appeals have been denied, you can still file an appeal in Federal Court. You'll need an attorney to do this, and Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates has extensive experience representing disability claimants in Federal Court. Not every denial is appropriate for Federal Court, but with a free consultation we'll help you determine whether yours is.


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