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DC & Baltimore Disability Representatives

Baltimore and D.C. Disability Representatives
For more than 20 years, Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates has been helping people win Social Security disability benefits. We've represented thousands of clients throughout Washington, D.C., Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic region. Members of our senior staff have actually worked for the Social Security Administration, so we know how the system works. We know where to go when things go wrong, and we're exceptionally good at making them right.

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These days, social security is denying more disability claims than ever. If you can't work, it can be harder to win benefits. I'm Andrew Mathis. Now, more than ever, you need experienced help with your disability claim. For over 20 years, Mathis & Mathis has helped people in the DC and Baltimore area win disability benefits. Toll Free 1-800-4-Mathis. Call Mathis & Mathis for a free evaluation of your claim.