Social Security Disability Advocate Andrew Mathis. Social Security Disability Advocate Andrew Mathis.

About Our Baltimore & DC Disability Advocates


    Social Security Disability Is All We Do

    You need financial assistance urgently when you can’t work because of serious health problems. Social Security Disability benefits give you that relief. But trying to secure benefits can be frustrating and discouraging.

    Most people get denied. Many claimants have to go through multiple steps, including talking to a disability judge.

    The process involves a lot of work. It involves long waits. It’s tempting to give up.

    But don’t give up.

    Even if they denied you, it doesn’t mean you can’t still come back and win.

    Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates can help.

    We’ll handle your claim and keep your fight for benefits alive—so you can reach a place of more peace and stability in your life.

    • Mathis & Mathis Disability has been helping people for 30 years.
    • Our Social Security Disability advocates have helped thousands of people.
    • We help you whether you need to apply for disability benefits, or appeal a denial.
    • Unlike some firms, we focus completely on Social Security Disability claims.
    • You PAY NO FEE UNTIL YOU WIN benefits.

    We help people in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Alexandria and Northern Virginia. In fact, we help people all over Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania—and all across the nation.

    Social Security Disability Is All We Do.

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    How Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates Helps You

    When you’re struggling with your health and unable to work, this could be one of the hardest times in your life.

    You deserve personal care and attention for your Social Security Disability claim.

    At Mathis & Mathis, we treat you like a human being. We help you win benefits, but we don’t just forget about you once you have your approval.

    If needed, we’ll help you make sure you’re getting your Social Security Disability checks in the right amounts and on time. Years later, when Social Security Disability reviews people’s benefits to see if they still qualify, they can still call us with questions.

    Here’s what you get with our Social Security Disability advocates:

    • We’ll help you file your initial application.
    • We’ll help you appeal a denial.
    • We’ll help you fill out forms.
    • We’ll help gather your medical documentation.
    • We’ll make sure your file is free of errors.
    • We’ll keep you on top of the important deadlines.
    • You’ll get the same case manager throughout your case.
    • Disability Advocate Andrew Mathis will personally represent you to a disability judge.
    • We’ll listen and understand your situation.
    • We’ll even follow up to be sure you receive what you’re awarded.

    You are entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if you worked and paid into the Social Security system. This isn’t a handout. You’ve already paid for it.

    The process can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you don’t qualify for disability income.

    Get someone who knows this system in detail to take over dealing with your disability claim.

    And get back some hope.

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    Meet Our Team

    Andrew Mathis is a disability advocate with three decades of experience helping people win Social Security Disability benefits. Peter Mathis, our office manager and case intake manager, represents the third generation of the Mathis family to work in our advocacy firm.

    Hear from a Mathis & Mathis Client

    “I am so thankful to Mr. Mathis and his whole staff. . . .They . . . helped make things easier. I could not have done it without them. I would definitely recommend Mr. Mathis to anyone. . . . (He) works hard and cares about his clients.”

    — Trina Ansel in Google Reviews