What Does A Disability Advocate Do in Baltimore, DC & Virginia?


    Rest Easier Knowing a Skilled Advocate Is Supporting Your Claim

    You need Social Security Disability benefits because your health has taken a turn for the worse, you can’t work, and you don’t have enough money to cover your daily expenses.

    You see there are people who can help you apply for disability benefits that can improve your life significantly. But what does a disability advocate do? For that matter, what is a disability advocate?

    Under Social Security Administration (SSA) rules, a disability advocate is someone who:

    • Has a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
    • Undergoes courses in how the Social Security Disability system works
    • Passes a test of their knowledge of Social Security rules
    • Passes a background check
    • Provides professional guidance for people seeking disability benefits

    You might also hear about Social Security Disability lawyers. They provide similar services as disability advocates but also have law school training.

    No matter whether you get a disability attorney or a non-attorney advocate to help with your claim, you pay no fee for your representative until you win benefits.

    Your advocate’s fee comes out of the back benefits Social Security awards when you succeed in your claim—and the amount of your retroactive benefits your advocate can collect is subject to limits set by Social Security.

    Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates is a family business with advocates who have helped thousands of people win benefits over three generations.

    We’ve been helping everyday people achieve more stable lives after medical setbacks in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Alexandria and Northern Virginia—or anywhere in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania—for over 30 years.

    Read below for more on what disability advocates do for people every day.

    At Mathis & Mathis, Social Security Disability Is All We Do.

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    What Is a Disability Advocate’s Daily Work?

    Social Security has thousands of rules to decide who gets disability benefits.

    They’re always trying to stop people from falsely claiming they deserve financial help. As a result, at least once, and they have to pursue an appeal.

    It’s a rocky process. A disability advocate’s job is to know all those rules and help you through it.

    Your disability advocate does all of this:

    • Guides you in filling out the pile of forms Social Security requires, so you get it right
    • Helps you organize your information about your education, training and work background
    • Works with your doctors and other health care providers to get the medical records you need to back up your claim
    • Makes sure you have everything filed with Social Security properly and on time
    • If you’re denied, files your appeal for you
    • Updates your Social Security records and evidence for your appeal
    • Represents you in your hearing with a disability judge
    • After you win benefits, confirms that you are getting everything you’re supposed to receive

    Maybe the most important thing a disability advocate does, though, is increase your chances of winning benefits.

    A government study found that people who had representatives like advocates with them at their disability hearings were almost three times more likely to be awarded benefits than people who went in alone.

    Start by talking to Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates for an evaluation of your needs—with no costs or obligations.

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    What a Disability Advocate Does to Make Your Life Easier

    A good disability advocate does more than just filing documents and talking to Social Security.

    They also make sure you’re treated with dignity and respect.

    The Social Security Disability process can feel heartless. You’re suffering with your health, and they make you jump hurdles. You need help, and they only care about rules.

    Your disability advocate is the one who looks out for you personally:

    • Your disability advocate listens to you.
    • They keep you updated on your claim.
    • They make sure the system doesn’t ignore you.
    • They stay with you at every step, from initial applications to appeals.
    • They help you prepare to talk to a disability judge.
    • They stay by your side, backing you up at your hearing.

    It can benefit you to work with a disability advocate from the very beginning of your claim, and definitely as soon as you receive a denial.

    Your path to a more a more secure, independent, peaceful life can be smoother when you work with an advocate.

    Take the next step. Get in touch with Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates today.

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    Applying or Appealing, We Can Help

    Whether you’re in the initial stages of applying, appealing a denial of benefits, or wondering if you qualify, Mathis & Mathis can help.

    Social Security Disability FAQs

    Because applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be complicated, you likely have many questions about the process. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

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    Chart: How Disability Benefits Are Different in Different States

    Dealing with the different states in the Washington, DC, area can get confusing. If you need Social Security Disability benefits—and you wonder how the process differs from DC to Maryland to Virginia—Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates explains in this chart:

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