Social Security Disability Surveillance in Baltimore & Washington, DC


    How to Tell when You Should Work with a Social Security Disability Advocate

    Health problems have run you down. You can’t work anymore. You’re falling behind on bills. You’re looking at applying for Social Security Disability benefits to get back some normalcy and stability.

    How do you know when it’s time to contact a disability advocate—someone trained in this process—for help with your claim?

    You’re not required to work with a professional like a trained advocate or a disability lawyer to seek Social Security Disability benefits.

    But there’s no fee for a disability advocate until you win benefits. And an experienced professional can make this easier. You can turn over the legwork to them and know that someone capable is tending to your claim.

    It’s best to get a disability advocate as early as possible in a process that can quickly get complicated—as soon as you realize that your health problems will force you to stop working.

    Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates has helped thousands of people win benefits. You can contact us for help in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Alexandria and Northern Virginia—or anywhere in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

    Social Security Disability Is All We Do.

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    When to Get a Disability Advocate: Do You Need this Help to Apply for Benefits?

    Every Social Security Disability claim has two major phases:

    You might think of applying on your own and only calling a disability advocate if you are denied.

    In fact some professionals, such as some disability attorneys, only take cases after people are denied.

    Or you can get an advocate from the beginning—someone to make sure the multiple forms you must fill out are done correctly, someone to organize medical evidence from your doctors, someone to keep you on top of Social Security deadlines—and reduce your chances of mistakes and unnecessary delays.

    It’s little risk for you, because whether you get a disability advocate earlier or later, you still only pay a fee when you win benefits. And the fees are subject to the same limits.

    Mathis & Mathis helps people from step one. With our help, you can get started on the right track.

    And if you’re denied—which happens so often it’s almost a built-in part of the process—you already have someone in place who knows your situation who can support you in your appeal.

    It’s a free call to have a conversation with us about what to expect from your Social Security Disability claim.

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    When to Get a Disability Advocate: What About When You’re Appealing a Denial?

    When you’re denied for disability benefits, you can appeal and possibly reverse the decision. It’s important not to give up, because appealing is when many people finally win.

    Appealing is also several times more complex than applying in the first place. You need to know the system well enough to spot weaknesses in your initial application and mistakes by Social Security.

    Appealing often involves making your case before a Social Security Disability administrative law judge.

    The process includes four different levels of appeal.

    So when should you get a disability advocate when you’ve been denied by Social Security?


    There is a strict deadline, 60 days, to start your appeal.

    And getting a disability advocate or disability lawyer can increase your chances of being awarded benefits. A government report found that people who had representation in their hearing were almost three times more likely to get approved.

    If getting a disability advocate can take work off you, give you a stronger application for disability benefits, and improve your chances in a disability appeal, when should you get your advocate?

    Let’s get started—right now —working toward a more stable and secure life for you.

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    Applying or Appealing, We Can Help

    Whether you’re in the initial stages of applying, appealing a denial of benefits, or wondering if you qualify, Mathis & Mathis can help.

    Social Security Disability FAQs

    Because applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be complicated, you likely have many questions about the process. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

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    Visual Guide: How to Pass a Continuing Disability Review

    For a breakdown of the most important parts of how to pass a Social Security continuing disability review, see this easy-to-scan chart from Mathis & Mathis Disability Advocates:

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    Hear from a Mathis & Mathis Client

    “I could not recommend Mathis & Mathis highly enough. They were kind, patient and thorough. No question was too small. They were timely in responding to me. While the process of applying for and obtaining disability is a long, tough road, Mr. Mathis made everything so much better. If you are thinking about applying, please do and know you will be taken very good care of . . . just like family.”

    —  Tracey Jones, Google Reviews